Searching for your scientific journey companions

My former PhD thesis supervisor and I were returning from our annual hiking when he asked: Are you still collaborating with Steve? Steve had been my supervisor during my postdoctoral stay in Lausanne, 4 years ago since then. This simple question made me think a lot. Both during my PhD and during my postdoc IContinue reading “Searching for your scientific journey companions”

Searching For The Leadership Style Of A PhD Supervisor

According to the paper published by Levecque et al. in 2017, one in two doctoral students is in a state of distress, whereas one in three is at risk of some type of mental disorder such as depression [1]. In their work, they evaluated the relationship between a supervisor’s leadership style and mental health. TheContinue reading “Searching For The Leadership Style Of A PhD Supervisor”

I Landed Among The Stars

The following is a short story describing one of the nicest experiences from my PhD. Hope you enjoy the reading! When I was doing my PhD in Europe, there was an established American researcher in my field. Because she was a reference, I had read a lot of her papers. One day, I was inContinue reading “I Landed Among The Stars”

Academic dilemma #2 – Let your lovely child fly

In my previous post I showed my first academic dilemma, or how I abandoned my academic path right after my PhD to engage with an entrepreneurial process. In this new post, I will share how I quitted my start-up to go back to academia. I co-founded a university-derived spin-off company while I was finishing myContinue reading “Academic dilemma #2 – Let your lovely child fly”

Academic dilemma #1 – Academia or industry?

This is the first of a series of very personal posts where I will share how I have had to face some career-related dilemmas throughout my professional journey. These dilemmas had challenged my initial professional plans, the ones I had when I finished my degree. And they are dilemmas that you may need to faceContinue reading “Academic dilemma #1 – Academia or industry?”